Where To Find Fashion Inspiration In 2023

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Finding fashion inspiration in 2023 is both easy and challenging in 2023. For one part, there are plenty of places where to find chic style influencers or outfits that inspire us. On the other hand, it seems like nowadays it’s hard to find someone that finds your exact style since it seems many are following the same fashion trends. Having a few fashion inspirations is important because it’s so easy to find yourself lost among the ever-changing trends.

As someone who loves visual inspiration and thrives from a mix of colors and prints, finding accounts and places to find fashion inspiration is a necessity for me to keep my creativity flowing. While this is not me saying you should go out and copy everyone else’s stuff, sometimes we need to step away from our closet and look at someone else’s way of styling to start getting fresh ideas. This is especially true at the beginning of new seasons when most people will want to change their style. Without much more delay, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to find new fashion inspiration this year to help set you up for a brand-new styling journey.

Finding Fashion Inspiration:


I am confused that there’s no fashion industry without Pinterest. I use Pinterest more as a moldboard than a social media platform (which in retrospect is not a good business decision). Thanks to the app, I’ve gotten tons of ideas, especially as I’ve gone through different phases of my style. Now not all Pinterest scrolls are productive scrolls, and that’s because it’s really easy to get a bunch of useless pins instead of ones that inspire you.

If you don’t know, the Pinterest feed will tailor itself to your interests and the pins you’ve recently explored. For example, if you fall into a deep rabbit hole of interior design pins, you’re going to be seeing interior design pins for the next week. Using the algorithm to our advantage, we are going to search for one influencer or brand we already know we love.

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For me, I’ll start with a brand like Sezane. Searching them up on Pinterest, I’ll discover a bunch of outfits that I love. I’ll pin those to my Pinterest board for a few minutes. After I feel content with everything, I’ll go back and refresh the homepage. Once there, the algorithm has done the work for me and searched for pins that look visually similar. There I find outfits like Sezane’s, influencers who wear Sezane, and just items that look like theirs.

Instagram Explore Page

Just like Pinterest, the Instagram Explore page is filled with fashion inspiration for you, without having to do all of the searching and exploring. However, if you’re like me, you probably have a mix of topics on your Instagram explore page. If you’re curious as to what is currently on your Explore page, some keywords show on the top near the search bar, which will tell you some of the topics that Instagram believes you’ll love. If none of these match the style you’re looking for, there are a few ways to tweak it.

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Using the Pinterest method, search your favorite brands and stores and start liking the posts. Go onto their tagged posts and find influencers or people who have the style you’re attracted to. After doing this for a bit with different companies, refresh your Instagram Explore page. At this point, there will be more of the looks similar to the ones you just liked. Go in and like these posts and any similar posts that follow them. Do this for about an hour or two, and your Instagram Explore page should start looking more like the style you want.

Digital Fashion Magazines

There’s nothing like heading straight to the source for the best fashion inspiration around the world. While physical magazines are slowly dying, their digital versions are still thriving. I love to look at a mix of fashion magazines from around the world for my inspiration. Places like Vogue, Elle, Fashionista, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Cut are just a few of the sites I have bookmarked on my address bar. Not only are these the trendsetters, but they often have the trends way before they trickle down to social media.

Like it or not, many of the European versions of these sites will tend to have the trends months before they arrive in the States. My personal favorites are British Vogue, Vogue Espana, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Scandinavia. While not everyone will love these styles, they do have more elevated looks and trends. Getting your fashion inspiration from them will help set you apart from the crowd easily.

Fashion Blogs

Not to be too biased, but I think fashion blogs are still relevant and serve a purpose. While the number of fashion blogs has decreased in the last couple of years thanks to social media, there are still some bloggers out there. Fashion bloggers like Sincerely Jules, Atlantic-Pacific, Camila Coehlo, Leonie Hanne, Coco Bassey, and The Page Edit still update their blogs often making them recent sources of fashion inspiration.

screenshot of Sincerely Jules blog - fashion inspiration example

While you could follow them on social media, their blogs contain more in-depth details about their looks and style inspiration. If you’re looking to completely transform your style, these are good places to get details like stores and trends to shop. For those who don’t want to read everything, their Youtube channels are a great visual alternative to get your fashion inspiration fix.

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