Trending Nail Colors for Fall and Winter 2023

red nails - trending nail colors for fall and winter

With the start of both the fall and winter seasons, it’s time to talk nail colors. When I posted about the trending spring nail colors, you guys seemed to LOVE the guide, and I thought it was time to bring it back for these next two seasons. The trending nail colors for fall and winter are all you can easily find, with a few trends requiring a few extra steps. However, these colors are, for the most part, classic fall and winter hues you can find season after season.

Many of these mimic the trends you’ll see in fashion and are meant to complement your seasonal attire. When picking out your nail colors for fall and winter, you’ll want to find the one that best suits your skin tone. Note: by the skin tone, I mean whether or not your skin is warm, neutral, cool, etc. I firmly believe anyone can rock any color; finding your skin tone can make color matching much more accessible and save you from wearing colors that don’t flatter your natural beauty.

Anyway, without all the wordiness, let’s get to some beautiful nail colors for fall and winter 2023.

Nail Colors for Fall and Winter 2023


red nail polish- nail colors for fall and winter 2023

If you haven’t noticed yet – red is the season’s IT color. This color is EVERYWHERE! From red boots, coats, tops, pants, accessories, and lips, it’s the hottest color of fall (and probably winter). Red nail polish is a classic choice and will probably never go out of style, making it a safe bet if you want to dive into trends. Red nail polish from places like Dior or Chanel will have even more of a history behind them since they’re shades that these houses know very well. While splurging on nail polish seems a bit much, I don’t know two brands that know red better than them.

Expensive Green

Expensive green might be too much of a title, but olive green is one of those shades I adore for fall and winter. It’s luxurious and chic but isn’t too over the top or dull. Not only is olive green a beautiful color for sleek nails, but it’s also a perfect nail polish hue for the entire fall aesthetic. While I could say this is a typical fall hue, olive green is a solid classic that deserves more love.


Before you ride off metallic nail polish as a holiday-only color, it’s a very cute vibe for your day-to-day. How many times do we as a society hold off on these fun accents and shades until “the right moment,” like parties or events? It’s time to make everyday sparkle with some metallic finish. Recently, chrome nails were a popular trend that turned the normal day into a downright party. These metallic nails are perfect for flair to an otherwise gloomy season.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is another classic that I think is very underrated, especially in nails. If you very much think about it, midnight blue is the closest shade we can get to black nails without actually having black nails (which is also a vibe). However, unlike black, midnight blue is sleeker and looks much more refined and classic. As we look at more quiet luxury colors, shades like midnight blue will pick up more steam, and we will find plenty of more nail trends with this shade in the winter.


Although this isn’t exactly a nail color, it needed to be added to this list of nail colors for fall and winter. Glazed nails were probably THE nail trend in 2023, and I don’t see us getting rid of it anytime soon. While everyone focused on glazing neutral colors this year, I see this trend turning into a statement moment for fall and winter. I think glazed red nails or glazed blue nails will be very soon, and I’m looking forward to it. While you can’t buy the original chrome finish used to create glazed nails, there is a dupe available on Amazon that has excellent reviews.

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