Top Five Trends To Come Out of New York Fashion Week 2024


Now that all the fashion weeks have come and gone, it’s time to look at some of the hottest trends to come out of our beloved New York Fashion Week. Since NYFW starts off the fashion season, it’s a great benchmark as to what the future trends will hold. This recent Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week was interesting as it gave us more of a continuance of trends rather than anything bold or new, but it’s a great confirmation of what trends we will continue to see in the future months, especially later in the year.

As always, I’ll give you some examples of what you can sport for each trend and some brands that can help you incorporate these looks into your wardrobe. If you’re still looking at some of the overall trends of the year, make sure you’re following my LikeToKnow.It for more detailed looks at some of this year’s trends.

woman walking in button down top


There’s no reason your office looks can’t become the new fashion-forward trend right? We are all about officewear during this New York Fashion Week season. Button-downs, trousers, loafers, and all of these business casual pieces ruled the runways and are only going to grow from here. These pieces are much more sophisticated than other trends and make the perfect base items for any wardrobe. Even if you aren’t going head-first on the officecore trend, some of these hot pieces are perfect to add to your closet, regardless of the style.

Everything in Bows

We know that pink and coquette-core were a staple of the 2023 season, and while the love for Barbie Pink has died down, the bows are still taking over the runway. Bows are appearing everywhere from hair accessories to down to your shoes. While bows aren’t a new fashion trend, it’s the quantity of them that’s causing a buzz. We are talking about pieces filled with bows. While you don’t need to stack them up like on the runways, it’s a moment to create a statement look.

Still Red Hot

red handbag on shopping cart. ex of new york fashion week trends

Now for the trend that I will follow for the rest of my life… the shade of red. If you don’t know, red is my favorite color and I am so ECSTATIC that it’s continuing to be a trend. Not only are we seeing fiery red popping up on the New York Fashion Week runways and red carpets, but we are seeing darker variations like burgundy and wine red that’ll help those who aren’t fans of the bolder shade. Red is a versatile color that works in any situation or style.

See-through Garments

As we talked about in the previous fashion trends pieces, mesh, and sheer pieces are still some of the hottest items to come out of the New York Fashion Week shows. If you haven’t warmed up to this trend yet, it’s time to get on board because this trend will only explode when the warmer weather comes around.

While many people have the idea that see-through pieces have to be overtly sensual or show too much skin, there are plenty of ways to pull this off without being uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a modest approach, you’ll want to invest in some bodysuits or shapewear in neutral colors that you can add underneath. You can also opt for pieces with eyelet details that give you that see-through detail without showing too much.

Mob-Wife Hits

It’s not the trend I am particularly fond of but I understand where it’s coming from. Since the New York Fashion Week shows were all about fall/winter, it makes sense that we saw plenty of coats and faux fur pieces that bring the mob-wife aesthetic into 2024. These over-the-top coats and animal print pieces are just two ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe, but the most important part is confidence. The mob-wife aesthetic is all about being fierce and confident in your look and that’s exactly what you want to bring into your wardrobe this 2024.

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