The Must-Have Winter Color Palette To Elevate Your Looks

woman wearing red top -winter color palette

The winter fashion season is fun because, typically, we get bursts of bold hues that come into our winter color palette for our wardrobes to contrast against the dullness of the season. Unlike fall’s more relaxed and subdued trends, winter is always the time to bring out your bold winter color palette for some dazzling looks. This year, I believe we will see many colors similar to the ones we saw in the fall but in richer tones.

So today, we are talking about this year’s winter color palette to watch out for and a few pieces that I think would blend in perfectly in any wardrobe. I’ve previously talked about fall and winter nail colors, so you can check that out and see what nail polishes will match your winter outfits.

Dark Rich Reds

winter color palette - burgundy Adidas samba

As we saw in the fall, red is one of the hottest shades of the same season. Not only are we seeing very bright and bold red colors, but we are also seeing plenty of deep cherry hues close to burgundy. These rich reds are perfect to still bring this punch of color into your wardrobe without having a shade that’s vivid and overwhelming. I’ve seen so many bags and accessories in these hues that these smaller pieces are perfect for the role. If color isn’t usually your thing, start small with red accessories that’ll help introduce it into your outfits.

Luxurious Gray Hues

winter color palette- woman wearing gray coat

If you check out Instagram nowadays (which you should follow mine just saying) it’s obvious to see that most of the trends tend to gravitate toward neutrals. And one big neutral that’s settling in the winter season is the gray shade. Not only is gray a universally beautiful color, but it plays perfectly with other hues. While it’s not the deep black that is a typical neutral shade, gray still has some lightness that makes it so different. In a time of quiet luxury trends, it’s easy to incorporate gray into your winter wardrobe for that stealth wealth look.

Cozy Browns

While brown is a trending fall color, it’s a key color for your winter color palette as it adds warmth and dimension to your looks. Brown-colored outfits are both luxurious and fun. Like other colors, brown can go with numerous hues, making it a versatile option for your closet. Even if you aren’t into neutrals, you can infuse brown with fun prints like plaids and other wild colors like green or orange to play up the look. Brown makes it easy to transition your fall-to-winter looks without purchasing more items.

woman wearing red dress and gray winter coats

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