The Handbags You’ll Need For 2024

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While we’ve already seen that many of the 2024 style trends are continuations of 2023 fashion staples, one piece in your wardrobe might need serious remixing. Handbags are the perfect item to make or break your look and make the perfect addition to any trendy outfit. Not only can you use these pieces to hold your stuff, but they can add an interesting visual touch to your look that ties it all together. Like shoes or jewelry, handbags can be multi-functional pieces that add something different to a rather boring or flat outfit.

For those who prefer a more minimalist and subtle look, a good handbag can add a punch of color or texture to take your ensemble to the next level. On the other hand, those who love something with a little flair will love some of the sparklier options that’ll be trending this year. Like always, I’ll leave you guys with a few suggestions so you can get an idea of some of the pieces currently available. I’ll also point out that my boutique, Amie Clothing, currently has a stunning collection of options at an affordable price to meet all of your trend needs.

Larger-than-Life Totes

Polene oversized tote -handbags trend
Polene Tote: llo

Just because we are talking about handbags doesn’t mean you will lack space. Oversized totes and bags are some of the biggest handbag trends on the runways during 2023. The best part of these handbags is that you don’t have to worry about where you will put all of your stuff and have to carry things in your hand. Oversized totes also give you a large accent accessory that is useful. With so many styles of totes that you can reach for, there is something for everyone in this style.

Circular Shapes

Circular shapes are making a comeback, even if geometry wasn’t your thing. Circle, round, and moon shapes have all splashed on the runways, and it was only a matter of time before they trickled into the stores. These interesting handbags are a fun pop of visual interest for any outfit, and they honestly can come in any color or pattern. Even in a sleek, neutral color, a circular bag can still make quite the impact.

Shimmery Metallics

Metallics aren’t just for your clothing. As we saw in 2023, mainly in fall and winter, the metallic finish only grows strong. Some trendy handbags can be the perfect solution for those not ready to dive deep into metallic clothing. You don’t need to stick with any basics either; you can reach for multi-colored metallic pieces that add something more retro and fun. Adding a nice textured look, metallic handbags are officially coming out of retirement.

Coming in Clutch

While your crossbody will always be famous, it’s the clutch bag that’s stealing the spotlight this year. Even though you are rocking a clutch, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must delegate it only for date night or night-out looks. A clutch is the perfect piece to add fun details to your everyday look and can help add a statement touch. Since clutches tend to be more statement and bold, it’s the perfect finishing item for anyone looking to add more spice to their outfits without having them take over your entire ensemble.

Touches of Top Handles

red handbag on shopping cart- handbags trend

Yes, the bags made famous by classic and elegant women like Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana are making their reemergence in 2024. Again, like the clutch bag, handle purses might not be the most practical if you’re looking to keep yourself hands-free, but it is a stunning and timeless item that simply screams quiet luxury. These top handle bags tend to have structured designs, making them more polished and dressy, in any circumstance. Depending on your closet, you can play with fun materials like tweed or bold colors like pink or metallics to add something modern to this vintage design.

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