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The 4 Best Blazers for Petite Women


You guys simply adored my post all about denim jeans for petite women, I had to do a follow-up with another key piece. Blazers are key for a sophisticated look but can be a pain to find in the right size. That’s why today’s post is dedicated to the best blazers for petite women to get you ready for the fall and winter seasons. The problem with blazers is the arm length, which can be too long for those with shorter torsos. No need to head to the tailor, because these blazers are cut with us shorter girls in mind to help us look tailored and polished.

When it comes to looking at petite clothing, you want to keep in mind proportions and know more about your body. If you have a shorter torso, petite tops, and outerwear will be a better fit than regular products. It’s completely possible to have a petite size for your top and a regular size for the bottoms. The same is true vice-versa.

Blazers for Petite Women

The Classic Black Blazer

No matter how your style or outfit, everyone needs a black blazer. A black blazer goes with everything and can perfectly tie into your outfit and make it cohesive. For anyone looking for a petite blazer, a black blazer should be one of the first to grab when building up your blazer collection. Even if you just own a black blazer, it’s all you need to get you through until your purchase your next blazer. A quality black blazer is an amazing investment since it will last you for plenty of years and will never go out of style.

Printed Blazers

Who doesn’t love having some fun with their clothes? A printed blazer is an easy way to add something fun and funky to your look without going too far. Since blazers are chic and timeless, a printed design will give your look a sophisticated edge. Printed blazers are a bit more difficult to find for petite women. In researching this post, I found a lot of the blazers for petite women were plain and solid-colored. However, patterns like houndstooth and plaid are easier to come by.

Leather Blazers

You can’t talk about fabrics without mentioning leather. Leather blazers are still a little rare to find, but are showing up more often. Since we already talked about blazers for petite women coming in mostly solid colors, a leather fabric will add some of that texture and edge to your outfit. As well, you can’t get more luxurious than leather material. These leather blazers might be more of an investment than others, but they’ll undoubtedly last you longer.

Linen Blazers

Blazers aren’t just for the fall and winter seasons you know. Blazers are also super chic over your summer maxi dresses or can make a sweet spring outfit. If you want to successfully pull off your blazer in the summer, you’ll need a fabric that breathes in the heat. A linen blazer is a perfect addition to your wardrobe because they add texture but are still cute enough to complete your summer wardrobe. When picking out the best blazers for petite women, there’s no doubt that a linen blazer had to be on the list. They’re versatile but fun and classic.

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