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woman wearing J.Crew white T-shirt

The 10 J.Crew Pieces I Love For Spring


It’s almost spring season and you can say I am *a bit* excited! And one of the stores I’ve recently come to love for their spring and winter seasons is J.Crew. While spring fashion might not be the all-around favorite for styling, I am a child of warm weather, and having the sun out makes me so happy. Something about the store’s classic Americana style and traditional elegance is exciting and I enjoy finding ways to make it fashion-forward.

While J.Crew is known for its quiet luxury-type fashion, there’s something fun about finding a way to make it pop and a bit more vibrant. With that, J.Crew has recently released their spring lookbook for the year, and a few items have caught my eye.

Although this post is specifically about J.Crew, it’s in no way paid for by J.Crew. While affiliate links are included, this entire post is my opinion and isn’t an advertisement.

10 Spring J.Crew Pieces To Look Out For

Classic straight jean in Bronson wash

I don’t care what season we are talking about, straight jeans are a must-have for your wardrobe. Not only have they officially replaced skinny jeans, but they’re just a comfortable style for everyone. One thing about J.Crew is that they have an incredible selection of denim to choose from. Petite ladies, J.Crew also includes petite sizes so that we can have the perfect fit as well. As I’ve always said, investing in timeless pieces is a smart shopping hack and you won’t regret splurging on some denim jeans.

Classic straight jean in Bronson wash, $148

Cardigan sweater in TENCELâ„¢-lyocell

J.crew cardigan in red

Sticking with the theme of minimal pieces, this cardigan sweater is the perfect lightweight outerwear piece that can take give you some coverage during the spring season. Although the spring brings us warmer weather, there are still chilly days when you could use a light sweater. However, I’m including this piece mostly because of the color. In the ‘Cardinal Red color, this cardigan sweater becomes a subtle statement piece. We already know that red is going to make a significant splash in fashion trends during 2024, and this sweater is a lovely nod to that fad without having it overwhelm your look.

Cardigan sweater in TENCELâ„¢-lyocell in Classic Cardinal, $118

Quinn square-toe ballet flats in leather

If you haven’t noticed, ballet flats are another one of those shoe trends that will take over your closet this year. Both balletcore and coquette-core (they might be the same thing?) have taken over the runways and social media feeds, which means there are going to be plenty of ballet aspects to include in your wardrobe. Now to modernize the trend, you’ll need to incorporate it with another trend to make it seem fresh and less boring. These vibrant red ballet flats are the perfect mix of the previous trend with the classiness of a ballet flat that I am honestly way too excited to wear this year.

Quinn square-toe ballet flats in leather in Vintage Red, $148

Winona penny loafers in Spanish canvas

Heading onto another fabulous shoe, J.Crew has perfectly nailed the art of elegant textures. This canvas loafer is the perfect mix of timeless and modern. Adding a little bit of texture with the canvas material turns this otherwise boring shoe into something exciting and fun to wear. Dress this up or dress it down, either way, you’ll be stylish all spring season.

Winona penny loafers in Spanish canvas, $198-248

Textured cropped lady jacket in space-dyed yarn

Love it or hate it, the lady jacket is quintessential if you want to have a sophisticated wardrobe. Especially for spring, the lady jacket is a cropped blazer that adds a bit of a casual hemline to your look. Mixing the sophisticated tweed pattern with a more modern cropped hem, the lady jacket is a simple piece that can pull your look together. Far from a trend piece, the lady jacket is one of those pieces that will always have a place in your wardrobe.

Textured cropped lady jacket in space-dyed yarn, $178

Cable-knit cropped crewneck sweater

While we are used to seeing cable-knit sweaters only in the winter season, this piece is just too good to resist for the spring. Matching it with the utility green color, this piece just screams spring in every direction. Pair the sweater with a simple pair of denim jeans and loafers or flats for an everyday casual look that looks stylish every time. You can also pair it with a midi skirt for something more feminine and fun.

Cable-knit cropped crewneck sweater, $118

Gamine puff-sleeve shirt in stripe

For those who might be unaware, I have a serious love for puff sleeves. Something about the puff sleeves is just so fun and feminine that I can’t pass up. Add that with a pair of stripes, and you have quite literally the top of my dreams. This gamine shirt is so darling that mixes that business look that we’ve seen on the runway with a touch of that feminine feel we talked about earlier. Like many of the items already listed, you can dress this top up with a pleated midi skirt or dress it down with a pair of white jeans for the ultimate spring look.

Gamine puff-sleeve shirt in stripe, $89.50

Vintage jersey classic-fit crewneck T-shirt

J.Crew white T-shirt

There’s no season or style in which you can’t use a classic white T-shirt. Especially in the warmer months, a classic white t-shirt can save you from styling dilemmas while keeping you stylish and fresh. The versatility of a plain T-shirt makes it crucial for building your wardrobe and is essential for building looks. Even if you’re a maximalist dresser, a white t-shirt is typically the base for your outfits which you layer on top of. Buying quality white t-shirts is crucial if you want these essential items to last and hold up throughout the years and J.Crew tends to do them very well.

Vintage jersey classic-fit crewneck T-shirt, $29.50

Off-the-shoulder long-sleeve shirt in striped stretch cotton

J.Crew striped boatneck top

Just like denim jeans or plain white T-shirts, I always say you should have a striped shirt somewhere in your closet. Even if you aren’t a minimalist dresser, a striped shirt can still give you some flair in a more understated way. My favorite part about this J.Crew boatneck top is the neckline that’s far from typical. A boatneck top can give you even more style points than the typical crew neck or v-neck. Modeled after the iconic Audrey Hepburn, these boat necklines help create a more dramatic look without taking it too far.

Off-the-shoulder long-sleeve shirt in striped stretch cotton, $79.50-89.50

Heritage fleece cropped crewneck sweatshirt in stripe

J.Crew sweatshirt

Something about a chilly sweater at the end of a spring night is perfect and sweet to me. This crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect stylish layering piece that you can use in multiple ways. Layer it on top of your regular top or drape it over your shoulder in a nod to the coastal grandmother trend, this sweatshirt is such a versatile piece that you’ll use it year-round.

Heritage fleece cropped crewneck sweatshirt in stripe, 89.50

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