Quiet Luxury: How to Nail the Fashion Trend Without Looking Boring

example of quiet luxury. woman standing at marina with white dress and hair scarf.

Unless you’ve completely ignored the fashion trends for the last few months, the world is obsessed with quiet luxury. This trend took off early Spring season, thanks to Sofia Richie and Shiv Roy from “Succession.” While there’s no doubt that quiet luxury is an elegant and sophisticated fashion trend, it can get repetitive very quickly. Of course, the purpose of quiet luxury is to exude a sense of wealth without flaunting it. Things like logos and excessive branding aren’t quite luxury styles and can quickly cheapen your outfit, according to this trend. While I love the classic and timeless style, I’m also a BIG fan of color.

If you first started picking up on quiet luxury with Sofia Richie’s extraordinary wedding, you probably noticed that everyone sticks to the neutral color palette. Simple and monochromatic looks are the norm since the idea is that you don’t need to wear the brand’s name all over your body to show you have money. While that’s true, wearing the same color palette can get boring. This is especially true if you’re like me and need a little color or print to spice up your look.

Besides the common belief, color doesn’t go against quiet luxury. Just because you choose to wear color and prints doesn’t mean you lose that sophistication and elegance. The trick is using color intentionally to make sure it’s serving a purpose in your outfit.

Here are some ways to spice up your quiet luxury outfits to ensure you’re still having fun while rocking the stealth wealth look.

Quiet Luxury Tip #1: Be Smart with Accessories

If you’re looking to add some spice to your quiet luxury fashion, you’ll need to start utilizing the power of accessories. A good accessory will go far in giving you some extra color or print without taking away from the point of your style. Although hues in the neon range are generally frowned upon in quiet luxury, there are plenty of other colors you can use to add a twist to your outfits. One of the best ways to add some serious fun is with a neck scarf during the spring or summer. Use a neck scarf in your hair or tied around your neck for a bonus piece that typically comes in a plethora of designs and colors.

example of quiet luxury. woman wearing all white outfit and hair scarf.

Quiet Luxury Tip #2: Use Desaturated Hues

Yes, neutral colors are an easy bet when it comes to quiet luxury style, but colors can also give you an extra punch. Although a fiery red will always be a fun color to sport, desaturated hues will keep with the minimalism without ruining your elegant vibe. Desaturated hues, which are lighter or pastel shades, give you a small twist that will still look chic but with more fun. Pastel yellow and baby pinks are just two colors that can give you more color without changing too much about your style.

Quiet Luxury Tip #3: Pair Prints with Neutrals

example of quiet luxury. woman wearing white blouse, printed slacks.

Using prints and looking elegant is completely possible, as long as you remember to give your outfit some balance. One example of keeping quiet luxury fun to me is the graceful Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Not only did she wear these soft desaturated colors, but she also tended to pair printed bottoms with neutral-colored tops. Checkered or houndstooth pants with a crisp white top give you an extra print to add flair but keep it balanced with the help of a neutral top. A printed top could also give you the same effect as neutral pants or trousers.

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