Peach Fuzz: 2024’s Color of the Year

computer showing Pantone's Color of the Year Peach Fuzz

It’s that time of the year – and I’m not talking about the holiday season. Nope, it’s time to dive into the recently announced color of the year for 2024. For 2024, Pantone has announced that Peach Fuzz will be the hottest shade, and there’s lots to talk about with it. Far from the vibrant and bold Viva Magenta of 2023, peach fuzz is much calmer and ethereal, so those who love less bold hues will enjoy it much more.

According to Pantone’s announcement, Peach Fuzz is “a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body.” This color is supposed to represent harmony and unity as a community, especially in times of great divide and anguish. While there’s still plenty of time to wear your red pieces for the rest of 2023, this color is a much softer hue that will bring a more neutralized vibe to your wardrobe.

Peach Fuzz Color of the Year

How To Rock 2024’s Color of the Year- Peach Fuzz

Since Peach Fuzz is not as vibrant or bold as previous trending colors, it’s easier to wear in a monochromatic look. Dresses and jumpsuits are easy pieces to slip into your wardrobe. Below, I’ve linked some options from Revolve that are perfect if you want to add this peach color to your closet.

Another easy and foolproof way of rocking this color of the year is by opting for a small accessory like a handbag to inject into your outfits. For minimalists and neutral lovers, adding a new color into the outfit rotation might be daunting, but a trendy handbag or clutch purse is easy to rock the entire year. Below are a few handbags from Nordstrom that’ll make for a perfect pair for all your looks but won’t take over your ensemble. Other small accessories like scarves, jewelry, and belts can be an even tinier touch of color that you can add to your outfits.

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