My favorite ’90s-inspired outfit for winter

'90s-inspired outfits for winter

Although 2024 is almost here, there’s still plenty of time for winter outfits galore. Recently, I rocked one of my favorite outfits of 2023 by far, and it might’ve been my favorite winter outfit as of late. A 90s-inspired outfit, this look is best for those who live in milder climates like myself and can afford to wear a miniskirt during the colder days. Thankfully, Los Angeles is where you can wear shorter hemlines in the middle of December, and it’s imperative to take full advantage of that.

Like any outfit post, I’ll link as much as I can below or add some alternatives to make shopping easier. My favorite part of this 90s-inspired outfit is that you can take it all apart and wear it into different outfits throughout the year, making them all versatile.

’90s-inspired outfit for winter

'90s-inspired outfit for winter
90s-inspired outfit for winter. Sweatshirt, mini skirt, white knee-high socks and plaid heels

Sweatshirt: H&M (alternative) // Bag: Coach Tabby // Skirt: NA-KD (alternative) // Shoes: Charles & Keith (alternative) // Socks: Urban Outfitters (alternative)

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