The Must-Have Fall Shoe Trends for 2023

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If you have yet to catch up, my previous post was all about the upcoming fall fashion trends for 2023 to be on the lookout for. This time around, we are going to focus on a very specific piece of your wardrobe that deserves some refreshing as well. Today’s post is all about the fall shoe trends for 2023; most of us are probably not ready. This year none of the fall shoe trends are out of the ordinary and tend to stick to a recurring theme going on in fashion.

Because the last couple of seasons have been about comfort and practicality, I’m sure everyone’s closet is full of sneakers and sandals. While these are great for summer, there’s a new batch of fall shoe trends to be on the lookout for in this season. Many of these are classic styles that won’t be hard to wear after the season is over, but they’re a shift toward the quiet luxury trend.

These fall shoe trends are simple and classic, which means you’ll probably have plenty of options to choose from at the stores. Before I share some of my favorite picks to take a look at from two of my favorite shoe places, Nordstrom and DSW, let’s see what the fall shoe trends are for this year.

Mary Jane Shoes

No, you aren’t headed to a private school, but you are copying their shoes. Mary Jane shoes are popular preppy footwear that simply has a strap that goes over your foot. It can come in flats or heels, depending on the design you go with. Mary Janes are classic and timeless, hence why they’ve lasted for so long.

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Not only are they sweet and easy to wear, but the Mary Janes are shoes that will go with any outfit. No matter what your style is, Mary Janes can fit in anywhere and they add a very small touch to basic shoes. You don’t need to go out of the box this fall season, stick with these classic pairs that are just too cute to pass up.

Burnin’ Red

Yup, you read that right, one of the fall shoe trends this year is all about the color, not the style. Although the rest of these deal with the design of the shoe, the color red is literally bursting everywhere. Red shoes are smart because they pack a punch of color but can come in the simplest design. Plain red ballet flats or red Chelsea boots can provide just the right amount of color to spice up your fall wardrobes. Before you go on and fill your fall closet with neutrals, add some red footwear in there to give you an interesting twist.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Yes, these classic and iconic shoes are back again! Over-the-knee boots are the fall shoe trend that just doesn’t quit. Year after year, over-the-knee boots make a comeback as the nostalgic shoe that we all love to hate. For petite women (ahem), over-the-knee boots can be brutal to wear. Simply opt for mid-calf boots which will create the same look but for us. Over-the-knee boots look good with basically any fall outfit, making it a surefire hit.

Pointy Shoes

Yup for all you pointy pump haters, the trend is back. Pointy shoes are coming back in full force, whether we like them or not. I personally don’t understand the hate with these because they can be really cute but they tend to look like office shoes. However, since we are looking polished and sophisticated this fall season, it makes sense that it lands on this list. Pointy shoes can be timeless and classic, even though this tends to fluctuate over time. But no matter what the trend is, pointy shoes come in handy when you want a dressier vibe.

Classic Court Shoes

Thanks to the many, many, and many celebrity trials we’ve seen in recent seasons, classic court shoes have made the list for the fall shoe trends. These simply iconic and timeless shoes date way back and are back because they just simply work. Nothing and nothing less, court shoes are simple designs that work with anything and for everything. Denim jeans? They work. Trousers? Absolutely. A midi dress? Yup. No matter what, classic court shoes are just elegant and sophisticated and are a definite effect of the quiet luxury trend.

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