How to Rock the Animal Print Trends in 2024

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With 2024 fashion trends already heating up, it’s time to talk about one of the most unexpected trends of the year. Animal print trends have been everywhere, from cheetah print jeans to snakeskin bags, this trend has truly taken over social media feeds. This trend is quite the departure from 2023’s quiet luxury and stealth wealth fads that were the “it-trends” of the moment. And while not all minimalists will love this newer trend, it truly is made for everyone. You can turn the animal print trends into your new favorite statement piece with the right styling and pieces. Be sure to check out my LiketoKnow.It page for more options on what to use for these animal print trends.

While this trend certainly lines up great for those looking for a bolder sense of fashion, there are ways you can discreetly add it to a more subtle wardrobe. Here are a few ways you can rock the animal print trend in 2024 in a way that perfectly fits into your wardrobe this year.

animal print trends - leopard print pants
Karen Kane Leopard Print Pants,

Cheetah Print Pants

For those looking to jump into the deep end of the trend, cheetah print pants (or any animal print) are the perfect piece to compliment any wardrobe. Not only are people loving the cheetah print pants, but they’re finding new and creative ways of rocking them. Style them with your favorite band graphic tee or with a basic tee and structured outerwear piece like a blazer or jacket for a more polished look.

Animal Print Skirts

animal print trends- tiger skirt mini skirt
rabanne Mini Tiger Skirt,

Along the same lines as cheetah print pants, animal print skirts are a great option for those looking for something more dressed-up and sophisticated over something edgy and grunge-inspired. Pairing a snake-skin midi skirt with your favorite button-up or basic tee helps subdue your animal print and tame the look. On the other hand, an animal print slip skirt gives you the perfect piece to wear on your next night out.

Printed Coats

For lovers of classic trench coats, an animal-printed coat is the perfect outerwear piece to bring your outfit together with a statement flair. A cheetah or leopard faux fur is also a growing trend piece in recent seasons thanks to the popularity of certain fashion aesthetics like the ‘Mob-Wife Aesthetic.’ While these trendy pieces are just temporary, an animal-printed coat is a dazzling, timeless piece that’ll bring some life to your neutral or minimalist looks.

Fierce Footwear

If these animal print trends aren’t up your alley because they’re too statement, there’s a small way you can still enjoy this trend without having to alter your entire wardrobe. Animal print shoes like boots or heels are a small and easy way you can add some of this texture and print into your look without a hitch. Especially when it comes to boots, these footwear choices still help you join the fun of the animal print trends without necessarily wearing something you aren’t keen on.


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