How to look amazing in red during the Winter Season

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Red is the season’s hottest color and is expected to take over in 2024. And while there are plenty of other colors you can opt for, there’s no denying that a fiery red color is the perfect pop for winter. To pull off this hue, you’ll need to decide if you want to go headfirst into this winter trend or if you want to go for a more subtle touch.

Before we get into the different ways you can wear red this season, you’ll have to tackle the choice of opting for a vibrant red or deep burgundy rouge. Either way, these variations will be hot for the season but will make a difference in your winter wardrobe. Now, if you want to inject some of this bold shade into your wardrobe, there are various ways to go about it.

How To Wear Red In The Winter

As an accent color

red tweed handbag in shopping cart

The easiest way to inject this color into an established wardrobe is by adding it as an accent. This means using strategic accessories, bags, or shoes in this rouge hue to add a chic pop of color to your look. We’ve seen how accent pieces like the Adidas Gazelles have become one fun way to add a unique color to your wardrobe, along with a chunky scarf or baseball cap. Not only is this the easiest way of adding color to your wardrobe, but it can be inexpensive, especially if you aren’t looking to add a bold color to your wardrobe year-round.

With a little leather

When the cold weather rolls around, it’s not surprising to see a few leather pieces hit the trends list. Not only is leather such a chic and sleek material, but it can add some serious edge to your winter wardrobe. Adding some red to your winter leather items is perfect for reworking the classic leather material into something fresher and more modern. Unlike head-to-toe monochrome looks, a red leather piece is perfect as it will work for many seasons.

Add some textured rouge

Red is a hard color to tone down and play safe. And for all of my maximalist friends, it’s the perfect shade that’ll play well with our beloved textures. Like leather, other materials like sheer, shearling, or sequins can be a great combination with this color because they’re equally loud and fun. Instead of hiding behind this bold hue, embrace the loud chaos of the shade by opting for pieces with something extra. A texturized red piece will help bring all the cozy and chic vibes to your winter wardrobe.

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