The Best Places to Buy Quality Jewelry Items

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Buying quality jewelry shouldn’t come at an extraordinary price. I get that certain brands and designers are worth the investment and their prices reflect the material, craftsmanship, and design that goes behind each piece. However, there are times I’ve bought jewelry that has rusted after one use or that simply falls apart at the first chance. These pieces are worth the investment and can ruin your relationship with jewelry. Thankfully, there are plenty of places that still offer very high-quality jewelry for a fraction of the price.

If you don’t have the chance to buy designer or premium jewelry, these brands are perfect to help start your collection and give you the appearance of quality jewelry for a quarter of the cost. Although some of these will cost a few dollars more than the cheapest store, they’ll last you a lot longer and won’t decay quickly. The overall price per wear is excellent with these brands and I’ve personally found them to be some of the best pieces in my jewelry collection.

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J.Crew and J.Crew Factory

You’ll notice that many of these brands contain both their main brand and their outlet version. That’s because both options contain the same quality jewelry at different price points. J.Crew will have more flexible jewelry that can be used in a professional and casual setting. What I appreciate about J.Crew is that their jewelry tends to contain a mixture of materials like rattan or gems, making them even more unique and special. Their quality jewelry has lasted me so many seasons and they never seem to go out of style. I love their offering of earrings and how many special touches they add to them.

Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory

Like J.Crew, Banana Republic has its main store along with its outlet option. Both websites have an immense collection that can seriously cost you just a few dollars. If you happen to snag a rare deal on their main site, you can get more on-season jewelry pieces that are more geared toward current trends. Although they might be from the previous seasons, their factory website still offers top-tier jewelry items for a fraction of the cost. Having bought from here many times, many of these items still look brand new after all these years.


Unlike the previous two options, Madewell doesn’t have any special stores with lower prices. The best way of getting these quality jewelry pieces at a lower cost is by snagging them during a sale. Although buying them at full price, they still come in lower than a luxury or designer jewelry brand. My favorite part of Madewell jewelry is its vintage gold. Instead of shiny gold that screams fake, these vintage gold pieces look higher-priced than they are. With their vintage gold, you can get that old-money look and feel since they don’t look shiny and fake.

All of these stores/sites are my personal favorites and makeup about 90% of my jewelry collection. Other places I choose to buy quality jewelry include local markets, vintage stores, or simply jewelry that’s been passed down in my family.

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