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As much as people will disagree with me, I can’t get my head around most activewear styles. Thankfully, there are plenty of options that mix sporty and chic. In today’s post, I’ll showcase some of my favorite activewear brands that don’t look sloppy or unkempt. Just because we are dressing up doesn’t mean we can’t do so with a bit of comfort. As we’ve seen with many upcoming fashion trends, the next season is about mixing comfort and style. To note, none of the brands I mention are sponsoring this post but are brands I’ve witnessed, worn, or researched as comfortable and stylish.

In the years I worked as a sales associate at a high-end department store, I’ve seen up close and personal how some brands are made of better quality than others. I’ve also seen the cost per wear and how much certain brands are worth their price. With that in mind, here are some of the activewear brands that are chic and comfortable.

Stylish Activewear Brands:

Girlfriend Collective

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The chicest option of the activewear brands comes from Girlfriend Collective. The items are of excellent quality and come in vibrant and fun colors and prints. Girlfriend Collective has many options if you’re looking for something other than basic black leggings. While I’ve mostly tried their loungewear items, I’ve had the chance to feel their activewear choices up close, and they are worth the price tag.

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Sweaty Betty

Speaking of higher-priced items, Sweaty Betty is definitely up there regarding cost. However, one thing you’ve got to hand to Sweaty Betty is its quality. Some of the best quality I’ve seen for activewear brands, the pieces are sturdy enough to last you a long time (with proper care). However, the details can sometimes be more subtle in design, which is perfect for those looking for a more subtle activewear look. With fewer statement designs, you can quickly wear these pieces from the gym to lunch. Again, if you want to splurge on premium activewear, you can’t miss Sweaty Betty.

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One of the darlings of the Nordstrom brands, Zella has made its name as being an affordable option for activewear. One of the perks of Nordstrom House Branads is the fact that the company knows trends and knows what people love. They channel this information into their house brands for a lower cost, making it a win-win situation for you. You’ll find plenty of trendy pieces along with classic activewear pieces that you can easily mix and match with each other. The only thing to be careful about is their sizing; At the same time, Nordstrom is very lenient with returns; their sizing on Zella can be smaller than usual, so pay attention to measurements before purchasing.

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Beyond Yoga

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Beyond Yoga is a great place to start for those looking to level up their activewear choices but still aren’t ready to pay a premium price. While more expensive than some of the lower-priced options here, Beyond Yoga is still cheaper than others. When factoring in quality, Beyond Yoga is up there. The only con is the lack of variety in designs, but this shouldn’t be an issue for those looking for minimalist setups and colors. Perfect for building a capsule activewear wardrobe, Beyond Yoga is a great place to start if you want to upgrade your workout clothes.

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If you’re looking for classic, sturdy, and efficient, you can’t get any better than Nike. The go-to name for fitness and workout wear, Nike is known for its fashionable activewear and long history as the must-have for fitness clothing. Of all the activewear brands, Nike has the most options and variety to find the right products depending on your workout activity. Nike is your best bet if you’re looking for items that do their job and are simply practical and reliable. You can also search for items for various activities like running, football (soccer), tennis, and walking.

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