5 Winter Coats I Love For This Season

woman wearing red dress and gray winter coats

It’s winter, so it’s time to bulk up for the cold weather. Whether we like it or not, this season is filled with chilly days (in most places), which automatically means it’s time to bring out our winter coats. For those who don’t live in cold weather for most of the year, this probably means wearing the same winter coats yearly until they finally rip or break. Those of you who live in colder climates probably have your own coat rotation that fulfills your style and weather needs. Regardless, it’s never a bad idea to replenish your coat stack and give it some much-needed love.

woman wearing gray winter coats

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my top five favorite winter coats I’ve spotted that will last you this season and the next. These five pieces are meant to be practical for the chilly weather but still look timeless and polished, no matter your style. Just because the weather isn’t ideal doesn’t mean your outfit has to suffer. Be sure also to check out this year’s winter color palette, which gives you a good idea of which hues to play around with when styling your winter coat.

Winter Coats For The Season

Madewell Whimsy + Row Emilia Jacket

J.Crew winter coats

You can’t go into the season without black winter coats. Black coats are just sleek and minimal and work in various ways. Not only are they great for minimalist outfits, but they can help your bolder hues stand out. Imagine this: a bright red sweater and jewel-toned pants with this Madewell black wool coat on top. It’s thick enough to help keep you warm during the winter but will still help you look stylish.

Mango Double-button trench coat

winter coats- Madewell trench coat

Every fall and winter season needs a good trench coat. Not only are trench coats a very classic piece, but it goes perfectly over any outfit. Even with a sweatshirt and sweatpants underneath, your trench coat can elevate your winter looks and make you seem more polished and put-together. When in doubt, throw on your trench coat for that timeless touch. I love that Mango’s trench coat is an elegant double-breasted option that looks a lot more expensive than it is.

Nordstrom Bernardo Walker Double Puffer Coat

Bernardo Puffer Coat - Winter coats

Because we are talking about winter coats, we needed to add a puffer coat to the mix. Although puffer coats are mainly for snowy and intensely cold days, that doesn’t mean they must be boring or dull. What I love about this Bernardo coat is that there’s still a clear and distinct shape to it. Especially for someone like me who is petite, having a very cut figure in a voluminous coat helps to avoid having it drown me. A slightly cinched waist can help create a more form-fitting, stylish, and polished figure.

Banana Republic Isola Melton Hourglass Topcoat

Banana Republic winter coats

While it might be the pricier winter coat on this list, it’s certainly the most glamorous. Let’s set aside the exquisite silhouette or material; the print is gorgeous. Although we’re seeing bold hues in outerwear and winter wardrobes in general, a classic print is always a wonderful addition to your winter style. Even something like plaid or houndstooth can add some of that flair without really taking away from your overall look.

J.Crew Warwick Topcoat in Italian stadium-cloth wool blend

J.Crew winter coats

You can’t deny that a classic black double-breasted coat is key for those elegant winter looks. With a gorgeous collar and double-breasted gold buttons, this J.Crew option looks beautiful and stunning. Like I said previously, black winter coats are just a great addition to your winter closet because they match any look you have underneath. With a much thicker material, you can cozy up with this option and still look refined and sophisticated.

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