5 Ways To Nail French Fashion

French Fashion inspired outfit

There’s no denying that the French know their way around style. Just by taking a look at some of their contributions to fashion (like Chanel and Dior), it’s easy to see why they’re regarded as some of the most stylish folk around the world. Recently, French fashion has become more popular because of its laidback yet chic style. A mix of stylish and practical, there are plenty of reasons to love French fashion. Like any regional style, French fashion has characteristics that make it unique and stand out from the rest.

Not only is French fashion a great example when creating your closet, but their entire philosophy surrounds timeless and chic pieces that will last. If you’re looking to copy these stylish frocks, look no further because here are five ways you can nail French fashion to start looking your absolute best.

Key to French Fashion:

Quality over quantity

If there’s something I’ve learned about French fashion throughout the years, it’s that they aren’t afraid of wearing a piece until its very end. While a lot of other trends and styles are based on the fact of buying new pieces, French style is all about buying quality pieces that will last. Instead of purchasing 100 $1 pieces, they would rather buy 1 piece that costs $100 if that means it will last them for many more years. Take for example denim jeans. Instead of opting for cheap denim jeans that will rip after a few washes, French fashion is about investing in premium denim that stays intact for years before it needs replacing.

To fully understand and capsulate this idea, you’ll need to take some time to research quality fabrics that stand the test of time. Pieces in linen, cashmere, cotton, wool, and leather are some of the items you want to take a look at when wanting to purchase those classic pieces. Some obvious examples are Levi’s, MOTHER, or AGOLDE for denim, while sites like J.Crew and Everlane will have more of your cotton and leather pieces.

Focus on essentials

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a big focus in French fashion on the essentials. These are the items you’ll be focusing your bigger budget on since you’ll be using them with almost every outfit. The essentials include blazers, denim jeans, basic white t-shirts, ballet flats, and coats. While it might seem boring to focus on such basic pieces, these are fundamental for building your wardrobe. If you’re not as much of a minimalist, these pieces are still vital as you can layer them with statement items later on.

When it comes to your basics, you can’t forget quality. A white t-shirt made of premium fabric will last you many more washes and will still look bright and clean if made with a quality material than something made cheaply. If you want to look polished and put together, focus on ensuring these essentials look quality above all else.

woman wearing French Fashion accessories

Don’t forget your accessories

While you won’t typically find the French donning over-the-top feathers and logos from head to toe, they do like to inject some glam in other ways. Accessories are one of the only trend pieces that French fashion lets you push the envelope to create a statement moment. When curating your French-inspired closet, you want to give a special section to your jewelry, glasses, and belts. Since the French fashion scene is all about the details and looking polished, you want to ensure you’re always donning your favorite jewelry pieces and belts that bring the look together.

In the summertime, a pair of sunglasses can never be forgotten, just as a chunky scarf is key for the winter season. Either way, it’s these little details that make French fashion unique and personalized. We can’t forget that the French popularized basket and straw bags as we know them, making them just another piece that they’ve been able to adapt to their lifestyle. Basket bag or not, you can’t forget the finishing touches on your look and that includes your jewelry pieces, belts, hats, or sunglasses. However, it’s also important to note that accessories should be a finishing touch, not the main look. Keep your accessories minimal and focus on having them accent your look, not overpower them.

French fashion outfit flatlay

Opt for a tailored, well-fitting look

As a petite girly, I know this next rule fairly well. Getting your stuff tailored and cut to fit your exact measurements is such a small detail but can make a big impact. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had jeans that look and feel amazing, but the legs are double my size and look bulky and oversized (not in a good way). Getting a tailor you trust can help you get those denim jeans hitting exactly where you want them to and will help you feel your best.

But tailoring isn’t just for your bottoms, your tops and blouses are also key for getting a polished look. If your sleeves fit too long, you can get the sleeves taken up a bit to make sure they hit exactly at your wrists. It’s these little details that can help turn your look from oversized and ill-fitting to smart and stylish.

woman wearing neutral outfit

Choose your color palettes

It’s no surprise that with such a structured and easygoing way of approaching fashion, the French have a core color palette that they stick to. Not the type to wear head-to-toe neon colors, you’ll typically find French fashion in neutral or muted shades. This isn’t to say that color isn’t welcome, but neutral colors do have the benefit that they can easily match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Neutral hues go together flawlessly, and when you want a chill look that doesn’t take hours to put together, it’s easy to have a wardrobe that just works with each.

However, for those who love a strong color moment, no need to fret. Accessories like handbags or shoes can be the pop of color you add to your wardrobe easily. Not only will this pop let your color stand out more but it won’t ruin your overall style. We all know that red is the color of the moment, and we’ve certainly seen this hue in French fashion in red lips, red flats, or red bags. Either way, the point is to have a core set of 5-7 colors that you can incorporate into your wardrobe without a problem. Colors like white, black, tans, light blue, navy blue, and brown are easy shades you can base your wardrobe around to mix and match looks on the go.

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