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5 Fashion Trends To Look Out for Spring 2023


It’s that time of the year folks! Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to shake off those winter blues and embrace the latest fashion trends. From bright colors to bold prints, this season is all about making a statement with your wardrobe. Whether you’re ready to revamp your closet or just looking for some fresh inspiration, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll be diving into five of the hottest spring fashion trends that are sure to add some fun and flair to your outfits. So sit back, relax, and get ready to take your style game to the next level!

In 2023, the fashion trends have all been fun and bold, spring is no exception. All of these fashion trends are versatile and can be styled no matter what your personal style is.


You won’t be able to escape the pastel colors this spring season. Despite your best attempts, pastels are always a must-have each spring. Just like florals, it’s impossible to explore the store without seeing pastels everywhere. From cotton candy pink to lavender blue, pastels are popping up in all shapes and sizes – think flowy dresses, tailored blazers, and cozy knit sweaters. Whether you’re a bold trendsetter or a classic minimalist, there’s a pastel piece out there for you. So go ahead, embrace your inner Easter egg, and hop on board the pastel train – this is one trend that’s sure to put a spring in your step!


Sheer clothing is making a comeback in a big way, adding a touch of ethereal elegance to any outfit. From sheer blouses to flowy skirts and dresses, this trend is all about playing peek-a-boo with your skin in the most sophisticated way possible. Whether you opt for a delicate floral print or a bold geometric pattern, the key is to layer your sheer pieces over more substantial items, such as a slip dress or a structured blazer, to strike the perfect balance between sexiness and sophistication. So let your inner goddess shine through and embrace the sheer madness of this spring fashion trend!

Denim Midi Skirts

Focusing on specific pieces that are all the rage this season, denim midi skirts are at the forefront of the fashion trends. It’s difficult to even go on Instagram or TikTok and not see everyone completely in love with this trend. Perhaps it’s the Y2K vibes or the fact that it’s super easy to still, but the truth is that denim midi skirts are the “IT” item at the moment.

Denim midi skirts are so in style at the moment that they’re actually becoming hard to find. For those of us on the petite side, there are even fewer options for petite denim midi skirts, so be prepared to take them to your favorite tailor. Be sure to check out my previous post all about brands that carry petite denim for more options.

Bold Colors

Get ready to paint the town red, blue, green, and every other color of the rainbow this spring, because bold hues are the latest fashion trend. Say goodbye to drab neutrals and hello to eye-catching shades that will brighten up even the dreariest of days. From neon pinks to electric yellows and everything in between, there’s no limit to the vibrant color options available this season.

Whether you choose to rock a monochromatic look or mix and match your favorite hues, the key is to wear your bold colors with confidence and let your inner colorist shine. So go ahead, make a statement with your wardrobe, and embrace the power of bold colors this spring – after all, life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Cargo Pants

Another fashion trend that’s hard to ignore is cargo pants. These bottoms are another example of the lingering Y2K fashion trends still taking over the industry. Nowadays, you can find cargo pants in any fabric under the sun, from denim to satin. The truth is that cargo pants are often an easier and more comfortable option than denim jeans, making them almost a no-brainer for your wardrobe. If you aren’t completely on board yet for baggy jeans, there are more form-fitting options out there that won’t completely take over your figure.

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