10 Ways To Romanticize the Fall Season

romanticize the fall -walking in Yosemite Park

It’s a new season and time to romanticize the fall season. While talking about the fall fashion and beauty trends is fun, there’s another component to it that makes this season exciting. Enjoying the fall season means taking in all the small moments and activities that make this season unique. In today’s post, I will give you guys some ways to romanticize the fall season so you can have a little more magical time instead of just living through another season.

Most of these activities can be done with others, but you can also enjoy them alone, which is how I meant for them to be experienced. This list is made for those who want to have a more authentic fall season, even if you don’t have someone next to you to enjoy it with. To romanticize the fall is to enjoy the changing weather and everything that comes with it.

10 Ways To Romanticize the Fall Season

1. Coffee Date

The easiest choice, grabbing coffee, is practically a must-do activity whenever fall hits. Thanks to a particular pumpkin-flavored drink, we’ve all considered coffee the entryway to fall. While it’s easier to grab your phone, order on an app, and pick up and go, that’s not what cherishing these small moments is about. Take 30 minutes or more, and head to your local coffee shop. That part is up to you, whether a big name or a small business. Head to your favorite coffee store, order your favorite fall drink and sit down and experience the moment.

coffee date- romanticize the fall example

We often get so caught up on the go that we forget to sit and enjoy coffee. Maybe take the time to chat with the barista and make a new friend or curl up in the corner reading a book (more on that later). What you do is up to you, but try to avoid spending all the time on your phone as that will take you out of the moment.

2. Take A Walk

Another cliche moment, yes, but taking a walk is the perfect way to romanticize the fall. With the leaves changing and becoming crunchy, it’s the best time to put on your sweater (finally!) and some pants and head out on a walk. Pack your headphones, pick out your favorite podcast or playlist (also more on that later), and enjoy the change in scenery.

fall landscape. romanticize the fall example

Because you’re actively moving your body, you are forcing your mind to be in the moment and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the day. There’s no better way to romanticize the fall than taking yourself out of your crazy day and doing something relaxing and healthy for your body.

3. Get Baking

There’s nothing quite as extraordinary as the sweet smell of desserts on a cozy, rainy fall day. Whether you want to bake a full-sheet cake or just some cookies with a premade mix, this isn’t about your skill level. While it’s a given that the more you bake, the more skilled you’ll get, the activity is made to help get you in the mood of fall.

Decorate your baked good in whatever you want, and sit down afterward to watch your favorite movie or show and enjoy your creation. Some of my favorite places to find new dessert recipes are Delish and New York Times Cooking because they have a good mix of classic recipes and some fun mixes to try. The point is to get you up from the couch, do an activity you’ll enjoy, and stimulate your senses (smell and taste).

4. Have a Fall Self-Care Night

You can’t romanticize the fall season until you take care of yourself. This is probably one of my favorite activities because you can do anything that brings you joy. Carve out some time to binge your favorite shows or movies with some of your favorite foods and drinks. Have your own girls’ night without needing anyone else. Get your favorite candies or junk food for one night and enjoy a long time with just you and all your favorites. Add in some facial masks to get your skincare working simultaneously. You can add so many things to this self-care night, but the idea is to do everything you enjoy in one evening without guilt or remorse.

5. Decorate Your Home

To romanticize the fall, you must spread joy to your entire environment. From little fall accessories of pumpkins and leaves, there are endless options of autumn items that can help create a more fall-esque feel. Cozy, warm blankets are a must to create a more welcoming environment. Fall candles with crisp scents are the perfect way to fill your house’s air and create an authentic smell.

When you fill your home with your favorite fall decor, you can make your home into your personal sanctuary and give yourself little reminders of things that make you smile. One of my favorite places to shop for fall pieces is Amazon, World Market, and Target to get little trinkets that make a house into a home and can help you romanticize the fall season.

6. Romantic Novel Book Marathon

For all of my book lovers, the fall season is perfect if you want to create that dreamy world you read about. There’s no better way to romanticize the fall than by getting into that mood with a good old-fashioned book binge. The ultimate way of binging, reading a new book series is an easy way to get sucked into a new world that can give you better inspiration on adding some magic to your day-to-day.

While I’ve stated romantic novels because they tend to be the easiest to create that feeling, this can genuinely go for any fiction series. To romanticize the fall via books, you only need a book series that will keep you company the entire season, regardless of the world or genre.

7. Work On Your Coffee Skills

So, I’ve already talked about getting a cup of coffee to romanticize the fall, but there’s no reason why you can’t create that world in your own home. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with coffeetok and learning new ways to create coffee. Something about mixing together ingredients to create this rich and decadent coffee screams Fall to me. Spending time honing in on a craft is a perfect way to romanticize the fall and still feel like you’re being productive. Working on different hobbies, like crafting coffee, can help give you motivation that gets you going throughout the season.

8. Pick Out Your Fall Rain Playlist

We already know going out for a walk and baking are two activities that you can do to romanticize the fall season. But for both of these activities, it would be nice to have a nice playlist to go along with it. Get yourself into the right fall mood by utilizing the power of music. Pick out all of the songs that remind you of the fall season and the quietness of it to help motivate you during your walks and serve as background music in your baking days. You can choose anything that reminds you of fall, although I would strongly suggest Folklore by Taylor Swift because that’s Fall in an album.

9. Host a Fall Dinner Party

Although not everyone is willing to spend the time curating a fall dinner party, it can be the perfect time to get together with your closest friends and enjoy the season. While Friendsgiving is close, there’s no reason you can’t have a dinner party before. Have everyone bring their favorite dishes (potluck-style) or bring out your cooking skills.

romanticize the fall -cooking example

This gives you the best excuse to clean and decorate your house for the fall and dress up in your favorite formal fall attire. This doesn’t need to be a Great Gatsby party; just a few friends and maybe some board games are more than enough to create memories and romanticize the fall with your favorite people.

10. Journal and Work On Your Mental Health

The fall season isn’t always fun and magical. If you’re like me, something like seasonal depression can impact the way you experience the season. I know that seasonal depression seriously affects the way I enjoy the season, and I always have in the back of my mind to take care of my mental health. So, if you want to enjoy the season, take some time to journal your thoughts and see if there’s a pattern in your negative thoughts that you can pinpoint.

Of course, with this information, you can do plenty, but I will always suggest you seek professional health, regardless of whether you have any official diagnosis. Speaking to a mental health professional can make all the difference in enjoying the fall season as it was meant to.

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