10 Designer Dupes From Amazon That You Need

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If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know I’m a sucker for good designer trend pieces and their respective designer dupes. Certain items are just instant classics and can last you for years. However, not everyone can get these high-end pieces at the drop of a hat. Especially, when it comes to ultra-trend pieces, spending so much money on a piece that’s only in style for a season can sometimes be useless. So today I’m bringing you 10 designer dupes from Amazon that can give you a similar look as designer pieces, without the heft price tag.

What I enjoy about these pieces is that they allow you to test out your piece before deciding if you want the real thing. As well, they’re perfect for those times you want to wear your piece but don’t want to risk having it stolen or ruined. Either way, here are some of the best ten designer dupes I found on Amazon. If you want to keep on trend, check out my 2024 fashion trends post for everything you need to be the best-dressed of the year.

10 Designer Dupes You Need From Amazon

Chunky Gold Hoop Dupes Earrings for Women

I love these earrings and I think most people would agree that they’re showstoppers. Now, full disclosure, I don’t have these exact dupes but in my research, I was able to find these for half of the price I paid on Amazon and I couldn’t pass up sharing this deal. For around $4 you can get these super trendy teardrop earrings that every single ‘it-girl’ on Instagram loves to show off (ehm, me). I love how statement yet classic these earrings are, and as someone who famously loses every piece of jewelry ever, I love the fact that they’re inexpensive.

Gold Plated Friendship Bangle Bracelets

amazon designer dupes - cartier bracelet dupe

This is another one of those designer dupes that I feel like most people have/don’t want to admit that they have. I’ve seen these Bangle Bracelets everywhere and they’re such an understated and classic bracelet find. I love how they’re sleek and simple but still add some pizzazz to your arm stack. The ultimate definition of quiet luxury, it’s one of those bracelets you can wear daily and not feel like it’s too much. And for less than $20, you won’t feel bad if it gets worn out from constant wear.

Love Friendship Ring

Similar to the previous item, these love friendship rings are the same design and simply come in a ring form. If you want the matching set, this ring is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. What I love about these designer dupes is the fact you can wear them without the worry of losing them or having them get ruined from wear. Again, opt for the matching set for WAY under then you can buy just one of these.

Women’s Slippers Platform

I am just a girl who loves herself some cozy slippers to wear anywhere and everywhere. And these slippers are honestly so comfortable and practical for those days I don’t want to wear actual shoes. I’ve also seen many wearing these shoes as a more fashionable option to the classic Ugg boots. They’re less bulky or stuffy and make for a cute trendy addition.

Slingback Flats For Women

Guys, I don’t know how many times I need to state this but: YOU NEED TO GET ON THE SLINGBACK TREND. Slingback flats and heels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. When Chanel first introduced them back into the trends, I just knew they were going to rock the shoe trends for a while and here we are. I love the various color options available here and the fact that they come in half sizes for those of us who need them. Such a simple and sleek shoe can make a difference in giving you a more sophisticated style year-round.

Shoulder Bag Purse for Women

I can’t exactly remember what this one is a dupe for but it’s gorgeous either way. With no logos or flashy detail, this is the epitome of quiet luxury handbags and is honestly such a great find. At only $27.99, you can get this shoulder bag in all the neutral colors for the perfect understated bag that goes with all of your outfits.

Women’s Small Satchel Bag Classic Top Handle

I love a good top handle bag for multiple reasons. Not only do they look sleek and elegant, but they add a sort of different effect to your look. Everyone loves a good top handle bag, including some of your favorite elegant ladies. I love this specific bag from Amazon because it comes in various colours but it still has that subtle nod to luxury.

Womens Leather Handbags Purses Mini Top Handle Totes

black top handle designer dupe bag from amazon

Just like the previous item, this designer dupe is all about the sleek structured design. While I have a soft spot for bucket bags or slouchy purses, there’s something about a structured top handle tote that adds a more sophisticated and polished touch to your outfit. This one is one of my personal favorite designer dupes because its so sleek and understated, and is a smaller version of a larger tote. Easy to carry and use, it’s a perfect deal for that subtle luxury.

Saddle Shoulder Bag

We all know that the saddle bag has become a favorite handbag trend. However, it’s since lost its popularity and I find that many aren’t reaching for this style anymore. While shoulder bags are still thriving,the saddle shape isn’t what it was a few seasons ago. For that reason, a designer dupe from Amazon is the perfect way to still get this look for a much lower cost. This saddle shoulder bag comes in various colors as well so you can easily find one you’ll love.

Silky Satin Headscarf for Women

This one is all of my accessory lovers. I personally am such a fan of this reemergence of the silk headscarf/neck scarf because it’s such a cute and minimal detail you can add to your look. Just this one piece can add a little something different to your ‘fits and make it more unique and dressed up. What I am not a fan of is overspending on items I don’t use daily, so this Amazon find is the perfect balance.

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